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What is the Spanish Center of Sindonology

We are a group of people of all ages who want to know the truth about the Shroud, the Shroud and other relics related to Jesus Christ and therefore we do not intend to convince everyone that these relics are authentic, whether or not they are.

For us, relics are not an end in themselves, but can be a means of learning about the historical figure de Jesus, which is what we are really interested in. This point of view allows us absolute freedom of thought about these objects, because if they were false they would not contribute anything to us, and would be elements without interest.

We are aware that the appearance of Protestantism - which abhorred relics, considering them superstitious - and the unquestionable existence of falsified relics, has caused a general distrust of them in today's world, but if today it cannot be maintained that all are authentic, it is not defensible that they are all false. It is not fair to put them all in the same bag, nor is it acceptable in the 21st century to act with a similar prejudice.

It is common to hear about them - especially the Shroud - in a subjective way, as if they were matter of opinion. They are not concepts that can be discussed, but rather objects that must be studied objectively, and that is what we want them to study in order to unravel what they really are and what information they can provide us.

Initially, the CES considered only the investigation and dissemination of studies on the Shroud of Turin, but we immediately became aware of the need to broaden our study to other relics attributed to Jesus. We cannot limit ourselves to the Shroud since knowledge of other relics - especially the Shroud of Oviedo - can provide us, if authentic, with fundamental information about his person.

That is why it is not enough to consider its authenticity, - which is only the first step in a study - from there it is necessary to consider that, as documents that they are, they contain very valuable information.

Believers and non-believers alike are embarking on this search, which is turning out to be a truly exciting adventure, since the CES is not a confessional entity. Also, our partners are of all personal and professional status. What unites us are our goals and the activities we carry out to make them possible.

We invite you to join us for this purpose. It just takes an open mind and good will.



The CESAN is the delegation in Andalusia of the CES. We coordinate the activity of the Andalusian partners, we give conferences where we are required, we seriously and rigorously delve into the studies on the Shroud and the relics of Christ. In addition, the Aguilar y Eslava Foundation, with its Museum of the Passion, organizes exhibitions throughout the Spanish geography on "The Man of the Shroud", presenting, among other things, the research work of Prof. Juan Manuel Miñarro, from University of Seville and member of EDICES (CES interdisciplinary research team).

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