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The Oviedo Sudarium Association is created.

The aims of this association are:

a) To contribute to the study of the tradition and historical data, regarding the origin and secular veneration of the Shroud kept in the Cathedral of Oviedo.

b) To contribute to the research of the Oviedo Sudarium as an archaeological document, as well as its possible relationship with Jesus of Nazareth.

c) To collaborate with the Archbishopric and the Chapter of the Cathedral of Oviedo in everything related to the conservation of the Shroud, as well as in the management of the documentation related to it.

d) To contribute to the knowledge, conservation and dissemination of the studies carried out.

In order to achieve these goals, they plan to:

a) Organize talks, conferences, meetings, encounters, congresses, working groups and any other activity that makes possible the fulfillment of the aims of the Association.

b) To propose the conditions for the conservation of the Lienzo that are considered the most appropriate at any given time.

c) To produce publications related to the aims of the Association.

d) To establish all types of relationships and contacts with public or private entities, both Spanish and international, that may help to achieve the aims of the Association.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge and collaborating in its research, become a member by clicking on this link and filling out the form. Here you can download the Statutes.

20221221ESTATUTOS ASDO_20220310
Download PDF • 505KB

The Oviedo Sudarium is considered to be the cloth with which the face of Jesus of Nazareth was covered after his death. It is a fabric closely related to the Shroud of Turin. The EDICES (Research Team of the CES) has spent years carrying out in-depth studies on it, which are astonishing. It is a complementary fabric to the Shroud that shows a series of blood stains and folds that speak of the man it covered and his history.

If you want to know more about the Shroud, you can watch the video in this link.

Ignacio Huertas Puerta, CESAN delegate.

Sudarium of Oviedo. Fabric 85x52cm

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