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The Holy Shroud, Art and Mystery

The book of our partner and member of the research team Juan Manuel Miñarro has just been released. An essential work in any basic library on the Shroud of Turin. In it he shows us his plastic and forensic research for the sculptural reconstruction of the image contained in the Shroud of Turin.

You can buy it by clicking on the cover photo or here.

After twenty years of studies and research, faced with the enigma that represents the existence of the image contained in the Shroud of Turin (also known as Shroud of Turin, which gives us the realistic image of the body of a crucified man that has not yet been possible to explain satisfactorily by science), Juan Manuel Miñarro Lopez has decided to publish this book for two main reasons: the first, to explain what were the causal circumstances, indirect and direct, that led a professor at the University of Seville, doctor in Fine Arts, sculptor and master image maker, to begin a unique and long adventure of studies and research around a textile object known for centuries, about which an ancient tradition claims that it is the same linen sheet that Joseph of Arimathea used to wrap the body of Jesus of Nazareth after dying on the cross, when he was deposited in a new tomb excavated in the rock. And the second reason that has moved him to make this publication, at this time and not before, has been the need he felt last year to record and explain to the public, in a summarized and simple way, but without falling into simplicity, what have been during these years his studies and research, as well as the methodology used in the sculptural works based on the study and analysis of the image of the Shroud. At the same time, in the book he exposes all the sources consulted and, finally, he describes the conclusions of his original artistic contributions. With his sculptures, Miñarro has pursued the objective of trying to achieve the most objective possible representations of the physical configuration of the figure of the man in the Shroud. This was the ambitious goal he set out to achieve in 2001, when he initiated the project and took on the challenge it meant. Now, in this book, the author wants to share his adventure, explaining which have been the successive steps and the corresponding fruits that progressively his investigations were giving, that at the same time the author has been showing publicly in different exhibitions, conferences, national conventions and international congresses.


Born in Seville in 1954. Graduated in the branch of sculpture at the School of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungría and PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Seville, in the area of knowledge of sculpture.

He is currently a full university professor of the area in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Seville. Since 2018 he is a numerary academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Santa Isabel de Hungría of Seville. He is a member of EDICES (research team of the Spanish Center of Sindonology), as a researcher of the Oviedo Sudarium, and responsible for the study of the correlation of existing information between the Oviedo Sudarium and the Shroud of Turin; and as a scholar of the Shroud of Turin, he exercises his skills with special attention to the anatomical and geometric aspects that the image of the Sindone presents us.

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