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The Diocese of Teruel hosts an exhibition on the man of the Holy Shroud

On February 14 took place the inauguration of the traveling exhibition that the Passion Museum of Cabra (Cordoba) inaugurated on "The Man of the Holy Shroud". This exhibition shows all the works and scientific research that Prof. Juan Manuel Miñarro has carried out on the image of the shroud. We transcribe the article published in Ecclesiae. We also share other press links.

The exhibition includes a carving by Juan Manuel Miñarro that accurately reproduces the body of the man in the Shroud of Turin.

This week the exhibition The Man of the Holy Shroud was inaugurated in the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Teruel. The traveling exhibition has clear didactic and informative motivations: to bring the viewer basic and ordered knowledge about the historical significance of the Shroud or Shroud of Turin, analyze its material characteristics, understand the scientific studies carried out on it and recognize the face of the image printed there. ECCLESIA wanted to talk to Luis Arturo Giménez, delegate of Primer Anuncio and Atrio de los Gentiles and organizer of the exhibition.

Giménez indicates that "the exhibition includes a sample through different panels of the artistic, natural and scientific historical journey around this prized relic of Christianity as the Shroud of Turin. There are also different reproductions of the elements used and the weapons used in the torture and passion. The two star pieces of the exhibition are a life-size reproduction of the Shroud itself and the sculpture that Professor Juan Manuel Miñarro reproduces and makes of the man who is seen through a life-size sculpture, accurately reproducing all the details that appear in the Shroud".

The work of Juan Manuel Miñarro

The professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Seville, Juan Manuel Miñarro, undertook a series of studies in 2001 based on forensic research. His studies revealed the true face of the man of the Shroud of Turin in a three-dimensional reconstruction, based on new sculptural techniques, computer graphics, photometry and the numerous studies that exist on the Shroud of Turin and that constitute the field of Sindonology. In addition, Miñarro has made several works based on his syndonic studies, such as Nuestro Padre Jesús del Soberano Poder (Ecce-Homo) of the Hermandad de las Lágrimas de Guadix (Granada) or the Christ of the University of Cordoba.

On how has been the process to bring the sample to Teruel, indicates that "it is an exhibition demanded and different institutions want to bring it to their dioceses. Since the year 2021 from the diocese of Teruel and this delegation of First Announcement we established contact with the Aguilar y Eslava Foundation of Cabra to bring it in this Lent and Holy Week to our city";

He says in turn that "there is great interest in the sample and is also collaborating the Board of Brotherhoods and Guilds of the city actively. They are precisely the volunteer brotherhoods that every afternoon open the exhibition for the public. We invite everyone to get to know our Holy Week, which has been declared an Asset of National Tourist Interest, and to take the opportunity to see this exhibition that brings us closer to the mystery of the man who appears on the Holy Shroud, and who tradition says could be Jesus of Nazareth".

The exhibition will be complemented by three lectures "that we think are of quality. The first will be on March 4 and will be given by Jorge Manuel Rodriguez, president of the Center for Sindonological Studies of Spain, and will address the subject of the Shroud in the light of science. On the other hand, on March 13 and 14 there will be two talks given by the nun María Ángeles Gómez Limón. The first day will be about a theological, historical and spiritual foundation of why Jesus died and the next day we will talk about the image or the man of the Shroud to the encounter with the living".

"Very impressive to see up close."

Finally, he explains that the image on display "is very impressive when you see it up close. Many are shocked and even moved. I perceive a feeling of great respect and that makes us keep silent, which is perhaps the best thing that can happen to us. Seeing the image and keeping silent in front of that reproduction. We also invite people to take a personal position on who is this man who is represented," he concludes.


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