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Let's clarify some terms

Today, in the general culture quiz show "El Comodín" on 1, the contestant is asked:

"The Holy Shroud, also known as "La Síndone" or the "Holy Shroud", is guarded in the city of...

It is usual the enormous confusion of concepts around the Shroud of Turin. The Gospels tell us that Jesus was wrapped in a shroud, a Greek word that refers to a linen cloth for funerary purposes (Mt 27:59; Mk 15:46; Lk 23:53). John uses the term othonia, which designates a large linen cloth. It has nothing to do with a shroud.

The sudarion was a garment used by the Orientals and worn around the neck. It is not necessarily a funerary cloth, but it could be used to cover the head of the executed person after his death to avoid the spilling of blood so that it could be buried with the body. John clearly specifies that the shroud was rolled up separately (Jn 20:7). Therefore, they are two clearly distinct fabrics.

Therefore, it is not a shroud either, although it is the popular denomination given to it in Spanish.

Fortunately, at least the answer was correct: Turin.

Ignacio Huertas Puerta, CESAN delegate.

Program El Comodín on 1, January 18, 2023

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