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Canal muy activo. Muy recomendable
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CES Official Instagram
Official page of the Spanish Center of Sindonology
  • TikTok  del CESAN
TIK TOK Oficial del CESAN
Sabanasanta logo.png
Clear page, well structured and with abundant information
STERA Logo.jpg
Page from the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association, Inc. (STERA, Inc.), by Barrie Schwortz. Possibly the most complete
Page with photos of STURP's Vernon Miller. highly recommended
International Center of Studies on the Sindone
Museo de la pasion logo.jpg
Museum of the Passion of Cabra (Córdoba). Virtual visit to the museum in its beginnings. The physical visit will surprise you with everything you cannot see here. 
Museum of the Passion of Cabra (Córdoba). Virtual visit to the museum. NEW
Page of the Museum of the Passion. Visiting hours and other information of interest
Hombre de la sindone.jpeg
The Man in the Shroud
CESAN blog, especially to see conferences
Shroud Research Network.webp
Web of the nuclear engineer Robert Rucker where he presents his research.
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